RestorInk FAQs

RestorInk is an innovative, non-surgical technique that replicates the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Specially trained practitioners apply a formula of pigment to the scalp with micro-fine needles to create thousands of tiny impressions, giving the illusion of hair, similar to the artist’s technique of stippling.

RestorInk offers immediate results. After your first session, the RestorInk treatment is visible. 10-20 days after your first session you will return for a second session. The second session amplifies your results and darkens the pigment. If necessary, depending on the degree of hair loss additional sessions may be recommended.

RestorInk sessions take between 2-4 hours depending on your degree of hair loss.

RestorInk works for both men and women. RestorInk is for just about everyone who desire the appearance of thicker fuller hair in as few as 2 sessions.

No! RestorInk works for men and women with thinning hair who desire a color match where their hair is thin or thinning.

The procedure occurs at the epidermal level, so it is not like a tattoo procedure. It’s a semi-permanent procedure, and most clients describe the feeling of the micro-fine needles on the scalp as mild.

Yes! The blend is a combination of Keratin, a fibrous structural protein found in hair, and pigments designed to match your natural hair color.

HairClub proudly offers RestorInk as one of many services to our clients. Our successful history spans 40 years and counting. We stand by our reputation as a company, as well as the reputations of our trained professionals to provide the best service of the highest quality.

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